High quality information for a sound brain, a healthy body and a radiant skin

Do you feed your brain and your skin with the proper information?

Are you bombarded by news, emails and messages? Then chances are high that without even realising it, you are consuming too much information. If you are beginning to feel confused and irritable it might be because there is just too much information coming to you, too fast. 

Just as our brain is thirsty for information whether it’s useful or not, it likes high calorie food whether it’s healthy or not. But did you know that the foods you eat deliver important information not only to your brain, but also to the rest of your body, including your skin?

When it comes to healthy eating do you think ‘Calories in, Calories out’?

When you eat or drink, your body consumes the energy that is stored within the molecules of that food or drink. The three basic components of our food are protein, fat and carbohydrates and the total amount of energy stored in these so-called macronutrients is represented by the calorie.

The body breaks the macronutrients down into basic units and uses these sub-units as necessary: to build muscle, construct collagen for the skin, create lubricating ceramide to help the skin retain water and repair the skin’s natural barrier, to produce energy or to store energy in the form of fat.   



Food as information for your body’s systems including your skin

Thanks to the constant oversupply of food in today’s modern world we are not starving and most of us do not do any extremely heavy physical work, so food does not primarily serve us as energy source, but rather to provide information for the different systems of the human body.

Nowadays we know that the quality of the food we consume is more important, than the actual number of calories contained in it and that different foods have different effects on the organ systems and various processes in your body. Two portions of food with the same number of calories but different composition of macronutrients have different effects on blood sugar levels, triglycerides, hormone levels and the skin.

Did you know that the skin is the body’s largest organ?

Low-calorie processed food such as crackers and biscuits and low-fat or fat free versions of yoghurt, cheese and milk miss some of their vital protein, fat and other nutrients, which serve as high quality information for the body. If your diet fails to provide the cells with the information necessary for normal metabolic function, the balance in your body and your health is at risk. This applies also to your body’s largest organ, your skin.

Eating foods with high nutritive value and using high quality natural skin care products such as Alberto Bianchi’s natural face lift serum gives your body the right messages and is the ideal approach not only to stay healthy but also to get a beautiful and healthy skin.