Frequently Asked Questions

Alberto Bianchi Face Lift Serum
Is Alberto Bianchi face lift serum safe to use, has it been tested?
Yes, it has been consumer tested over a period of 2 years and rigorously tested in our laboratories to meet all the EU regulatory safety standards and is registered with the CPNP.
How long does it take for results to show?
You will start to see the positive effects within 5-7 days.
Is Alberto Bianchi face lift serum safe to use on sensitive skin?
Yes. In fact it improves the texture of the skin, hydrates and smooths, it also helps remove spots and blemishes. Feedback during testing has shown that people with sensitive skin could use our product without experiencing a negative reaction and in fact any problematic skin condition improved dramatically.
Is it tested on animals?
Emphatically not. In 1993 the 6th Amendment to EU Directive 76/768/EEC was passed and contained a ban on the sale of animal tested cosmetic products.
Are the ingredients natural?
All the active ingredients are natural and are derived from herb and plant extracts.
I have acne, can I use Alberto Bianchi Face Lift Serum?
Yes you can. And it is also beneficial for people with sensitive skin.
How long do the effects and benefits last?
During testing the conclusion was reached that unlike other products on the market where the effect only last for a few hours or days with our face lift serum the benefits last for a long time. If you stop using our product for a period, your new look will still be apparent for up to 12-14 weeks. However, we suggest you continue to use Alberto Bianchi Face Lift Serum regularly to maintain and improve the appearance.
How long does a bottle last?
The 50ml bottle, if our serum is applied twice a day, should last between 6-8 weeks.
Do any other products on the market contain your formula?
No. Our formula is totally unique, and no other product worldwide contains our blend of ingredients or can offer the amazing benefits our serum achieves.
Can your product really lift the jowls, and remove wrinkles and lines?
Yes. It can achieve all of the above, it is also anti-ageing so it will prevent lines and wrinkles from re-appearing, it also protects against the effects of pollution and poor diet.